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Problems with my Berserker Mini V2

Hello everyone. I’m really hoping someone can help me out here because I really cannot figure out what is wrong with my materials.

Recently I decided to buy the berserker mini v2, a building tool kit, 28G kanthal wire and Cotton Labo Japanese organic cotton pads from Amazon. This was an investment after getting rid of a lot of my old vape stuff which was a bad idea.

I’m very good at building my coils. I tried spaced, contact, between 6 to 10 wraps, 3mm to 2mm inside diameter, must’ve tried building too many coils and would always taste burnt and bad flavor after about 20 hits.

The eliquid I use is a net eliquid, a very highly reputable company and their eliquid is not supposed to gunk up the coils so fast. When I would open up my tank at the sink to unfortunately spill out the liquid because I would have change the coil again, the cotton underneath the coil was all black. When I use the Nautilus coils they seem to last a lot longer and this is very upsetting because for those few moments that I got good flavor, the flavor was amazing.

Can someone please help me try to figure out what is wrong here? I was so excited to get back into building coils and now I had to purchase Nautilus coils. Thank you in advance.


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