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Price drop Selling SVA Kimaster R (white engraving) | Vaping Underground Forums

More pics on request. Video shows how to adjust the 510. And also the trademark badge of authenticity (the “dead pixel” to left of penguin logo, which sxk never clone)

SVA Kimaster R. DNA60. No USB port (Giacommo is convinced people will charge with them) White engraving

These were limited edition, the white engraving.

I paid €629 + shipping, which meant paying import charges and GST since it was over $1000 AUD. So it was around $1300 aud for the mod. The hypnotic battery tube was €70 and the SS battery cap was €20

I don’t know what profiles or TC settings it has in the firmware. I use VW only

It is not getting the love it deserves

I am asking $700 Australian Dollars. Or $730 with Stumpy with the white tip. Of this, $500 is for me, and any additional is for 5 Freedoms Animal Rescue. Who got hit with and sustained substantial damage in recent storms Anything above the asking price goes o them directly

This mod takes an Italian Supersoft, a dee mods silicone, or one chinese silicone bottle no longer in production. The surroundings around the bottle cap mean the cap needs to be thinner than 95% of the generic 17.5mm bottles

I have had spa treatment on this one time, when I tried ill fitting bottle. Modder cleared out liquid ingress and replaced the circuit board

I hope that covers everything. Feel free to ask questions


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