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Pnp rba coil | E-Cigarette Forum

I would go for the RTA Pod, or the Wotofo SMRT RBA.
The Voopoo RBA is crap. I tried everything, but I couldn’t get a satisfying vape from it. I got Dry Hits or leaking or both. The strange deck design results in the coil positioned diagonally relative to the wicking channels. You have to bend the cotton sidewards to the channels, which leads to more compression of the cotton and poor liquid transport.

The PNP RTA POD, on the other hand, is easy to wick and tastes great. If it only had more than just 2 ml fill volume.

I don’t know the Wotofo RBA, but I guess, it works better than the Voopoo RBA. In fact, I didn’t know, that you can also use your own wire and a standard coil @BillW50 . I think, I will try the SMRT RBA out :)


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