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***PLEASE READ*** Build Back Better Plan/INSANE Nicotine Tax Proposal!

Guys, please write to Sen. Joe Manchin and express your feelings on this proposed nicotine tax (he seems to be the voice that we all need). You do not need to live in West Virginia to contact him. Please click the following link: Email Joe and click on “share your opinion on legislation” and tell him your story and how this crazy tax proposal would hurt you and the rest of the vaping community. My letter to him is below:

Dear Sen. Manchin,

While I don’t live in your state (West Virginia), I do reside next door to you in Virginia. I am contacting you today to express my views about this proposed nicotine tax that certain democrats want to push through the Build Back Better package of President Biden’s. I am also a democrat and am outraged at the insane tax they want passed on nicotine products (vapor, etc.). Lastly, I know you’re an opponent of this insane tax proposal and that you are urging democrats in the house to say “NO” to the increase in nicotine tax (before it even makes it over to the Senate floor).

First off I’m a vapor! I had my last cigarette on January 3, 2011 and have not touched a cigarette since. My health improved almost overnight after I made the switch from smoking to vaping (I smoked for 20 years and currently I am 49 years old). Vaping keeps me comfortable and keeps me off cigarettes; no other smoking ‘cessation’ product has ever worked for me before vaping came along.

As you know, the vaping industry has taken a huge smack in the face this year. First, congress snuck in language in the omnibus budget bill from December of 2020, that bans USPS from shipping vaping products, FedEx and UPS followed suit thereafter. Next we have the PMTA’s (Pre-Market Tobacco Application) that had to be filed by manufactures who want to continue to sell their products to the FDA by I believe September 9, 2020 (FDA was to make decisions on all applications by September 9, 2021), which they are still working on today. Now, certain democrats want to impose an astronomical tax on all nicotine (vapor) products (but they want to leave cigarettes out of the equation). Last time I checked, cigarettes also have nicotine in them. This is yet another attempt to go after the vaping industry and destroy a multi-billion dollar industry, that has helped MANY millions of people not only switch to vaping but to continue vaping if they feel the need to (like myself). Like I said, it keeps me comfortable and I have absolutely no feelings or desire to ever return to cigarettes because of this great electronic technology.

I am contacting you to ask you to do anything that you can do; to get this proposed nicotine tax off the table. If this portion of the Build Back Better plan is passed, it will decimate the vaping industry, kill most (if not all businesses) and send A LOT of people back to smoking. These taxes would double, if not triple the current prices of vaping products. For example, a bottle of 100ml e-liquid could end up costing upwards of $100, when the product is only a $20 or $25 dollar product. We vapors can’t afford such a ridiculous tax and I feel its outright criminal what certain democrats have proposed to do. I have no problem whatsoever paying a federal tax on nicotine products as long as it’s reasonable. What is being proposed here is NOT reasonable, again it’s downright criminal!

President Biden promised not to raise taxes on those making less than $400,000 a year (that is most of the country). As a neighboring West Virginia resident, I am pleading with you to make sure this proposed tax rule does not get passed. It was already sent to President Biden once I believe, the White House rejected the nicotine tax proposal and sent it back to congress, now certain members of congress have added it back in. PLEASE, don’t let this proposal happen, it will hurt SO MANY people Senator Manchin. I know you’re the voice against this insane nicotine tax and I pray that you can be the advocate that the vaping industry needs and stop this from happening.


Scott Walsh


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