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Perdomo Cigars – PCA 2021

While many of the PCA 2021 booths resembled scaled-down versions of their former selves, Perdomo’s was among the most drastically changed. Gone was Nick Perdomo Jr.’s showstopper drum set, famously decked out with Perdomo graphics and more pieces than Neal Peart’s own kit. In its place were three sky-scraping (or convention ceiling-scraping) pillars, displaying Perdomo’s most popular cigars in their signature rows of product placement perfection.

The company’s only new offering—Perdomo Inmenso—had already been announced in March, which was on prominent display. But a series of four samplers were introduced at the trade show. These samplers are dubbed Perdomo Connoisseur Collection, consisting of Connecticut (Champagne), Sun Grown (Red), Maduro (Blue), and Award Winning (Black) collections of cigars from Perdomo. Each sampler includes 12 toro-sized cigars, with two each of six different blends. While the majority focus on Perdomo’s three wrapper styles, the fourth (Award Winning) includes a selection of the company’s highest-rated (90 points and above) cigars. Pricing is set at $99 MSRP per set, which will be shipping in late November.

Finally, new Perdomo lighter and cutter sets were also being offered to retailers.

Perdomo Cigars booth PCA 2021

Nick Perdomo Jr. PCA 2021Perdomo Connoisseur Collection Maduro and Sun Grown PCA 2021Perdomo Connoisseur Collection Award Winning and Connecticut PCA 2021Perdomo Inmenso cigars PCA 2021

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