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OXVA Arbiter | E-Cigarette Forum

I’m a long time top airflow kinda guy.

I held that the Zeus X was the finest example of the breed.

I got a shipment of two OXVA Arbiter tanks. My view immediately changed.

From the build quality to the look, to the size, and finally the vape. It all combines to be the best tank I’ve used.

Coiling is dead easy with the nice slanted deck. You don’t need to cut your legs before inserting them.

Easier to fill with the larger ports and the ‘gutter’ all the way around the top of the tank. Keeps the juice inside instead of pooling up.

The airflow is better than on the Zeus X, smoother even with the flow shutdown halfway as I sometimes do.

In all, if your mod can hold it (I’m on Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100 C), try one out.


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