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Oliva and J.Cortès come under Umbrella of Vandermarliere

In a move that consolidates and clarifies both its machine-made and handmade divisions, the brand names J.Cortès and Oliva Cigars now come under the overall umbrella of the Vandermarliere Cigar Family group of investments.

J.Cortès will remain the headlining name in machine-made cigar production; and Oliva Cigars – the vaunted Nicaraguan longfiller cigarmaker bought by Cortès back in 2016 – will now act as parent company for all handmade cigars.

Owner Frederik Vandermarliere, said: “It makes sense to make clear our two distinct divisions. Under Vandermarliere Cigar Family, all our brands now come together for the first time.”

J CORTÈS, Oliva and the Vandermarlieres are bound by the same common link – family.

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