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Nicotine stored in the refrigerator after 2 years … is it still good?

I’ve had mixed nicotine base stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months and was as fresh as the day I made it. BUT unmixed nicotine lets say 100mg/ml not already mixed into a base should be stored in the freezer. I’ve got nicotine that’s 7 – 8 years old in the freezer that’s as fresh as the day I froze it. My advice is if its yellow or slightly amber mix a small amount of your favorite vape and try it. If it’s to your liking then you should be OK.

If it’s dark amber to brown toss it and buy fresh.

If you buy fresh nicotine re-package it in small amber bottles (120mls) and freeze them. This allows you to use/expose to air and light, small amounts at a time while preserving the bulk in deep freeze, away from air and light.


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