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New vapcell doesn’t fit in my mod

They should fit. The red vapcell LiFePo battery you bought is 0.5mm wider than the purple or gold Li-Ions you should have bought.

26650 is a rough size gauge. Some bats are fatter/longer than what their size # indicates. It happens but we’re only talking a couple tenths of a millimeter usually, not a whole half a millimeter.

Liionwholesale isn’t the only game in town that’s reputable. Check these other places if you really want the purple Vapcell.

I use the HohmTech HΩ Grown 26650 in my Pico Mega. I like it. I’m not a high wattage vaper but it suits me fine so if you can’t find the vapcell purple, maybe look into that HohmTech HΩ Grown. Been using mine at about 25W for over a year now and it’s just fine. Got mine on super clearance with the older wrap so they weren’t even fresh, but they do the job for me.

Yeah, but does it accommodate LiFePo? If not, it will likely charge it too high. Gotta watch that. Gotta be sure. Not all chargers are designed to charge all chemistries out there, including ones that auto-detect the chemistry of the batts. You still have to know what and what not to put in it. Never put blind faith in these chargers. I’d put more faith in a $60 mod than a $60 charger lol.


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