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New day starts to vape

My story is a tad extreme. But it should give you a good laugh.

3 years and 1 month ago, I found myself in a surgical ward with serious ankle fractures. I was informed by a Dr that I needed to quit smoking, or face serious complications during the healing process after surgery.

He prescribed nicotine patches and gum, and told me to use as much as I needed to. I also had a vape pen & juice delivered from my parents.

I spent 2 weeks in hospital. Every morning, I fully intended on asking a nurse to wheel me outside for a smoke. But I delayed that, and instead chewed gum like there was no tomorrow, and had very long bathroom breaks vaping my head off.

I got through those two weeks smoke-free, purely due to delaying. Every time I wanted a smoke, I’d delay it for an hour. If I still wanted one then? I gave myself another hour, and spent 20 minutes vaping in the bathroom :thumbs:

Once at home, I was able to chain vape, so I did. My end goal at this stage, was to vape for the next month or two until my fractures had healed. Then I could go back to smoking.

After another month or so of chainvaping, I realised I actually preferred vaping over smoking. And that was it for me, I became a vaper. When my ankle had completely healed, going back to smoking was the last thing on my mind.

My advice? Play mind games like I did, and just keep delaying that next cigarette. Good luck :thumbs:


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