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More self-inflicted PR problems for vapes – VAPES

When the Microsoft next-gen Xbox Series X was first released on November 10, social media began filling up with videos that appeared to show smoke billowing out of the top of the console.  Was the system overheating or malfunctioning in some way?  The answer is ever dumber than you might imagine.

Apparently, some people viewing the amateur videos immediately began to figure out that the “smoke” from the Xbox looked very much like e-cig vapor.  Some viewers even conducted their own video experiments demonstrating how to create the same effect by taking a toke of a vape device, blowing the vapor into the console, and watching it gently waft out the top of the Xbox.  Genius.  Pure genius.


Microsoft, of course, started receiving thousands of online complaints and e-mails expressing concern.  Would their child’s new toy suddenly and without forewarning blow up in their face?  Should buyers of the expensive gaming apparatus be requesting a refund?  Will there be some sort of technological patch being distributed to resolve the potentially combustible conundrum?

Of course not.  Turns out, everything is just fine.  But Microsoft did take the time and effort to post a tweet pleading with gamers to stop blowing vapor fumes into their Xboxes.  The next day on November 11, Xbox tweeted, “We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X.”

 So, let’s get this straight.  Apparently, there were more than a few mischievous vapers who thought it would be funny to purchase one of the most highly sought-after gaming consoles in history…the Xbox Series X that was sold-out almost immediately due to high pre-order demand…an Xbox that costs over $500 with tax…and immediately proceed to blow e-cig vapor directly up its butt just hours after its official release.  Not only that.  They videoed and posted the prank online just to gain a few likes, shares, and retweets?  Who are these people?

The vaping community has always been prone to self-inflicted public relations problems, but the Microsoft Xbox scam is a doozie.  In the early days of mass-marketed vaping, vapers were rarely shy of vaping in public bars, restaurants, and office buildings.  “It’s not smoke.  It’s vapor,” was the mantra of the day.  As if innocent bystanders give a rat’s furry behind about what’s inside that white cloud being blown directly into their faces. 

Today, those same bars, restaurants, and office buildings now ban vaping, and the anti-vaping mob has proceeded to pass sweeping legislation across the country that now even bans the sales of flavored vapes.  Reason Magazine is even reporting that the city of San Francisco is considering legislation that will make vaping inside your apartment illegal.  Why does the vaping community continuously insist on shooting itself in the proverbial foot?

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