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Mixing info, other small bits and updates.. :) | Vaping Underground Forums

Pretty much, nowadays I really do not post much. I have a website with a lot of info if you have time and are willing to learn a bit. I have a fb page and group is still going.. I don’t have the time as I used to, between covid and a new business, coupled with moving out of state soon, no, my time is short. I do help where and when I can. I would love to pour info all over vu, and I have over the years. So really, if you want more reading.. dig in.. I can answer questions here when I have time, or anyone else can help. up to you. Hopefully, if I am not busy, someone will respond to posts here.

Not only have I design ejuice for manufactures, I am also a tester for SXMini. I have had clients all over the world, and have watched even my vaping styles and tastes change since 2004 with a company called smoking everywhere.. nasty foul cigalike… yeps.. been around the block a few times and then some. I no longer am addicted to nic. after going from smoking to vaping in 2011, now I can say I have been zero nic since New years last year. I know a few who can say this too ;) It sure has been a journey and has opened my eyes on a lot of topics. Now on to my biggest point…

this is my top post on my site.. very good info, so have a read. Solo test testing is very subjective and not everyone will be happy doing them.. but the best kept secret.. even a single flavor can provide a break and happiness for your tongue, as well as getting you to thinking about what will par with what.

this link shows how I work my notes on what I taste and how I deal with flavors in general. :)

flavor overload and your pallet.. I do try to keep my words simple. I have also had lab experience, so I have been able to bounce ideas on some of The most amazing chemists and have learned so much. My vape journey has been amazing and even tho I am nic free now, I still enjoy a good mix.

A huge shout out to my friend Christain.. he created the flv diaries after following me along. :)

and of course.. @VaporJoe and @5150sick .. you both are amazing.. we have been friends since a long time ago.. and even when life gets in the way.. haha!! I still miss the cons we had..

gesh big gov and big t and all the abc ogees lol.. can just go bite it.. :)

Life is too short for bad mods and crappy juice!

where the heck is @SMOKIE :D

Hopefully no arguments over my post.. no bickering about my site. If you take anything from this.. be kind, be helpful, learn lots.. because there is no limits! :)

btw.. all of my recipes, both public and private:

Hope you enjoy the flavors you are or do work with.. one thing is always a given, we are all different.. from thinking and working, to how we perceive things in the world, like vaping :) good luck and vape on!

PS.. If you are going to troll, I will ignore you! js..

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