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Man shares why he feels disposables are dangerous and are addicting non vapers/smokers

I wouldn’t call this compelling. He just explained over the course of 11:28, the parameters by which he personally justifies things as right and wrong. Also, a lack of understanding or application of how normalization relates to our own human behaviors – we can just call this ignorance or a lack of personal honesty and awareness. Couple this with his loose justification parameters and he has nobody else to blame but himself. His own denial of his true “identity” is what allowed him to become addicted by way of these justifications.

“I can vape this disposable, and still not be considered a nicotine user.”

“Okay, I’ll just buy one more disposable – but I’m still not a nicotine user though.”

“Blaaaah, if I just buy this case of disposables, I can save so much money – I just have to make sure I don’t increase my current usage. Cuz right now, I’m not a nicotine user.”

“Okay, the last case of disposables I bought went fine. I’ll just buy another and keep the same tempo of usage. I wasn’t a nicotine user then, which means I’m still not a nicotine user now.”

“Okay, so maybe I am a slight nicotine user. But, at least I’m not using one of those huge mods with those huge tanks on them – that’s what the real nicotine users use.”

This is pure dishonesty. Sure, it’s to himself so nobody else is hurt from it, but he’s projecting this failure onto something other than himself.

I wouldn’t trust this guy with a stick of gum.


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