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Debated with myself over replying to this particular post, or not. The argument comes to seeing myself as a better person. That noted a better person tries to help everyone, inclusively to get along. I would be remiss to not respond.

That out of the way, there doesn’t need to be a pile on. @~Don~ has already called out the OP on some poor wording. The OP apologized. They like me and presumably you are human beings. We’re allowed to err. Mistakes happen because contrary the fairy tales you may have been fed, no one is perfect.

So, no need to pile on and continue berating someone for a mistake. That only creates more of a mistake than is warranted, merited. Why do we want that? Well, I for one don’t. Sure I know my view and myself are but less than a spec of cosmic dust. Still I rather voice this and hope to help us all than not.

I apologize for a public reprimanding. Usually prefer doing that privately. This case was one where you obviously “stepped in it” in public though. So, it seemed apt to be present here with it.

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