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Loss of Sweetness | E-Cigarette Forum

Are you using a flavoring whose purpose IS as a sweetener, like TFA Sweetener or CAP Super Sweet, and the sweetness from it disappears? Or are you meaning the sweetness disappears from the other flavorings you’re using in the mix?

ETA: The only time I’ve ever seen anyone post something similar, was when they were using TFA Cotton Candy…thinking it was an actual sweetener, like the 2 above are. Cotton Candy’s main purpose/use isn’t as a sweetener, though it has a fairly sweet taste to it. It’s purpose is to help tone down some of the harshness of tart fruits, or some other flavorings that can be kind of “bitey”. If used at too high a % though, it will actually dull the other flavorings in the mix.

I know that in many of Bill’s Magic Vapor’s recipes…he frequently used both TFA Sweetener and TFA Cotton Candy, because they each served a different purpose in the recipe. When I first started DIY, I mistakenly thought they were both sweeteners, like many people thought and still think. It wasn’t until I started following Bill, reading his numerous very helpful posts, and his super informative Blog entries…that I learned they weren’t.


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