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Looking for a tank with rebuildable or pre-built option

So, my friend has enlisted me in helping him to put together a shopping list. He’s trying to move away from cigarettes, and he’s going to pay me a small fee to help put together a list of products to buy. One of the things he wants is a tank which has a rebuildable deck which slots in, the same way pre-built coils do. I know such tanks exist, as I’ve seen them online, but I’ve not had much luck using Google to find such tanks. So basically, a tank that is both rebuildable and can also accept pre-built coils… preferable one which offers pre-builts in the sub-ohm range, as well as the super-ohm range.

Full disclosure- I use a Kayfun v5 clone and I’ve been building my own coils for years. Long story short, I’m the type of person that finds something I like, and I stick with it. So, unfortunately, I’m not exactly up-to-speed on the best products out there, because I’m already quite satisfied with what I use for my own purposes.

Could anybody recommend any good tanks that have this feature? Thank you!


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