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Last attempt to kick the habit!

I quit smoking back in 2013 with carto tanks. Then the carto’s became obsolete. Took about three years to find some juices I could vape, always my favorites were discontinued… (goodby Charlie noble fruit on the bottom and nicoticket humming bird)

by 2017 I was a part time smoker. I had some nords and a couple aegis’. I was rocking the uwell crowns 3 and 4, struggling with the falcon king. I threw away all other gear. By the time covid hit I was back to full time smoking.

now it’s 2021. About a week ago I decided to pull out all my old gear and juice. I ended up at a vape shop to try to get some fresh juice. I left with the new aegis solo and Cerberus tank as well as a caliburn A2. As well as two bottles of juice from mama knows best, that is so full of sugar I can’t vape!♀️

we left last Tuesday for my first ever vacation. I mostly used the crown 4, Cerberus and caliburn A2. My cigarette use went down to 2-4 a day, compared to 20. Also, I’ve been using strictly 12mg nic salts in the caliburn.

my Nord 2 gurgles and spits at me. The original nords just seemed to leak when they got warm. And well, I was in south Florida. The falcon had minor seepage through the air holes but using the same juice in all the tanks, the falcon tasted more concentrated and not nearly as good. The crown 3 had a good vape, it just looks Jurassic at this point.

so last night I decided to order some pod mods. I ordered two made by innokin. The sceptre and the sensis. I also ordered a caliburn AK2. And I couldn’t resist the zenith 2.

I’m finding I need muted flavors for juice. I’m vaping a vanilla and snickerdoodle that is light on flavor compared to other juices and has no sugar added. I decided to order some juice from Charlie noble, Alice in vapeland, the zen vaper and some place called dash vapes. I read reviews and picked three that light flavor was mentioned. The first three were just name brands that I vaped before and not heavy on sweetness from what I could remember. If you have any juice recommendations for me that you think may be good for me, please mention them.

today is my birthday. I’ve been smoking 33 years now. Subtract maybe 6 months total that vaping worked for me. I’m really tired of being outside chain smoking instead of being inside with the family. It’s like being a pet dog with bad habits so I have to be left in the back yard ‍♀️

I believe I’m a mtl vapor with sub ohm tendencies. I like that crown 3 tank first thing in the morning or when I go too long with out vaping. It is not good for watching a movie with the family. Or in the car with other people.

I think the caliburn is the closest I’ve come to a carto tank since they did away with those. I did burn one coil because I let my juice get too low. But that coil rocked for a good 5 days. No leaks or gurgles.

I probably didn’t do enough research when picking my pod mods. They seemed to be the most recommended for leak free set ups. I think they both offer mtl and direct lung depending on the coils.

I can’t seem to find any mod cases these days. They used to be everywhere. I’d like a case for my aegis legend and solo and for the new pod mods. This way I can drop them in a bag when on the go. Is that not a thing anymore? I still have a vapesox that will fit my aegis solo and a 75ml of juice, even a battery if I wanted.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my last smoke was a stale cigarette I had on Halloween and I woke up to my birthday to never smoke again? Maybe the family would let me back inside. Even Florida gets a little cold in winter.


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