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Just wanna try vaping but can’t… | Vaping Underground Forums

No. I simply don’t continue in business with anyone “ripping me off”. I then do not suggest them to others. People catch on to those I do not suggest, or who I do suggest.

Correct me if wrong but are they all not made in China anyway?

People can make mistakes, matter of fact we got prisons loaded with them. All of history can show plenty of examples as well.

Had someone make a mistake in giving me medicine this morning, too. I had expected this person not to make such an error as they work for the government. Oh well, life and mistakes happen.

Is there any reason to hold on to the negative of it? I rather focus on the positive and give gratitude for that. Everybody knows people screw up. It’s wonderful though when they don’t. That’s news worthy imho.

My point is if you live then you know mistakes happen. Why let that get to you? It is pretty clear even you, or I will make a mistake as well. If you keep holding on to the negative it’ll eat you alive. Yes, I’ve been there and done that. Unable to keep doing it.

I’m fond of a Japanese philosophy about mistakes. Don’t blame, instead fix the problem if you can. If not leave it be and let time sort it out.

In short if you want to vape, vape, don’t try, just vape.

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