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Just dropping in after being away for a long time

Hi everyone,

Just posting here to report my success
I quit smoking completely 2 years and 5 months ago
around my birthday in May 2019, when my little niece asked me
“arent you going to stop smoking cigarettes soon?”.
It was probably my 5th attempt to quit using vaping.
I use a very easy setup of an iPower mod and a Melo 3 tank.
I can recommend those for anyone wishing an easy solution.
My first iPower mod lasted over 4 years of daily use before batteries were
worn out and I had to get the new model which is even better it seems.

My cousin died of lung cancer last month. He was a smoker, but had quit. He was
53 years old and its very tough for the family, he was a very good person and very loved.

I havnt been keeping up with the news and research about health risks from vaping.
Is it getting more accepted as harm reduction? My lungs feel way better than when I smoked, thats for sure.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day – keep on being an awesome community


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