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Is it easy to get a compatible drip tip at a local vape shop?

It seems its using a classic 810 driptip and no any proprietary soooo all vape shops should have replacements..
Many people use they own driptips anyway…
Some attys have the oring on the topcap and some others have the oring on the driptip…
I have used driptip that had orings on it and used it on my zeus x rta that also had oring on the topcap so was orings on both and it was fitting nice and actually it was a little tighter and i like that…
But i guess since u gonna go to vapeshop u gonna try the driptip and u gonna make sure it fits so its fine..

One thing to look tho is that the inner diameter of the driptip must be same as the inner diameter of the atomizer chimney and not smaller….
its ok if its slightly bigger but if the inner diameter of driptip is like 2 millimeters bigger it may create a little step in there and then condensation from juice as u vape it will be gathered in that spot and turn into droplet and then u may have juice in mouth as u vape or tilt the mod and juice will run out of the dritip…

Sorry my english not great hope u understand :D


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