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Innokin MVP Pod Review by Z-Lee

Innokin MVP Pod

All photos used in this review were linked directly from and/or have been modified/adapted for best viewability. I do not claim to have ownership over any of these pictures and any copyright infringement was not intended. Please contact me via PMs if you wish to have them pulled down.

Hello, and welcome to another read-through of Z-Lee’s thorough, but likely missed something, reviews. I was sent the Innokin MVP Pod by Innokin for the purpose of this review and will be giving you a closer look at what this small, but tasty pod kit has to offer you.

Before we go full picture mode on you, first I want to thank Innokin_timmy for providing the opportunity to do this. As always, I will remain neutrally bias and critical in conducting this write-up. My biggest objective overall is to help clear up any misinformation being spread due to hype, embellishment, and personal opinions – I will evaluate these products for what they are. If I see potential flaws or areas of needed improvement, you can expect that I will point them out (within reason – ie. I cannot tell you how this product will perform in 5 years or 20 years being that I do not have that information).

Without further ado, let’s check out some shiny pictures!​

(All images can be clicked on for easier reading/viewing)


– Overview –


Innokin’s objective in creating the MVP Pod was for pure simplicity, and that’s what you get. A good lookin’, extremely easy to set up and use vape pen, while also having some creature comforts allowing for some customization in preference.

The Specs:

  • Dimensions: 107.88 x 22.66 x 13.38 mm
  • Battery: Internal 500 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 2.7 mL
  • Resistance Range: 0.4 – 3.5 Ohm
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Charging Current: 650 mA, DC 5.0 Volt
  • Body Material: Zinc-alloy
  • Coil Material: Kanthal
  • Cut-off Timer: 10s
  • Max Output Current: 7.0 Amps

Color Options:


From Left to Right:

  • Amber Liquid
  • Space Grey
  • Pink Fade
  • Ocean Waves
  • Blue Fade
  • Stealth Black

I received the Amber Liquid and Stealth Black Pod Kits. The appearance of these Pods are accurately depicted here and allow for preference in a vibrant look or a more non-cholent look.

Dual Power:


Two power options:

  • Green: 11 Watts
  • Red: 12.5 Watts

Not a lot of these small pod kits have the ability to manually change their power. They’re either auto-adjusted based on the coil you pop in, or non-adjustable. If you like a slightly cooler vape, the Green setting denoted by the color around the fire button as seen above, at 11 Watts would be your choice; a warmer vape, Red being the best option at 12.5 Watts. Two clicks of the fire button to switch between these power settings; the light ring around the fire button will glow the respective color to let you know which power level you’re using.

Dual Activation Modes:


The implementation of the Auto-Draw feature has been a blessing for these smaller pods due to their ease in being pocketed. Auto-Draw allows you to never have to worry if the mod is going to fire in your pocket, while still providing a nice, easy vape when you put it to your lips. It also has the ability to be fired like a regular mod if that is your preference. Three clicks of the fire button to switch between these Modes.

The Airflow:


Innokin being the champs they are at MTL vaping, have craftily designed the airflow to have a great ever-so-slightly loose MTL-style of vape. You’ll never have to worry about burning out your coil due to a lack of airflow – they’re masters in this department.

Two tiny pinholes appear symmetrically on both sides of the mod. In tandem with the Auto-Draw feature, these pinholes allow the user to plug one or both holes with their thumb and/or finger to create an even tighter draw if they desire.

Easy Refilling:


Refilling is an an easy task with these 2.7 mL pod tanks since they’re slightly larger than the usual 2 mL pod size. The coils are built into these pods. When the coil needs to be replaced, the entire pod goes. I will discuss my thoughts on this further, below. Closer pictures will be shown later in the review.

Type-C USB charging:


The MVP Pod is powered by a 500 mAh battery. Although not large, as an MTL device – this battery will last the better part of a day with normal use. Normal use to me, being 2-3 puffs every 10-15 or so minutes I’d estimate. Probably more than that when I’m vaping for the purposes of a review. If you are comfortable vaping salt nic juices, that would likely further extend the battery life assuming you vape less because of it. USB Type-C QC 3.0 chargers are able to be used to recharge this device, although not highly advised due to the heat it produces to the battery. In a quick pinch here and there, it won’t likely beat the battery up all that much.


– My Impressions & Analysis –



Before we look at anything, I want to applaud Innokin for using 100% recycled packaging. As far as I know, they’re the only company to do this. Not only are they selling a product, but they’re advocating responsible Earth-friendly behavior by doing this. That is currently my biggest gripe against the use of disposable vapes. Coincidentally, that is also my biggest gripe with this pod system – the pods. I understand from a user-friendly perspective, it’s easier for a person, especially a new vaper, to just pull the old pod out and stick a new pod in, but the coils in these pods are so very tiny. That amount of waste is far less than the entire pod of additional plastic. I don’t see how 100% recycled packaging goes hand-in-hand with disposable pods. Sorry Innokin, but I know you can design better than that, I’ve seen it. Choose a healthier lifestyle, choose a healthier planet – please.

Contents of the Package:

  • 500 mAh Mod
  • 2.7 mL Pod (0.65 Ohms)
  • 2.7 mL Pod Replacement (white package – 0.65 Ohms)
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warning & Safety Manual

The Mod:


In the top left picture, you can see the location of the Type-C charging port as well as one of the airflow pinholes. Flipped over, you can see the other airflow pinhole. As mentioned before, you can cover one or both of these holes very easily by using your thumb and/or finger to create a tighter draw. Auto-Draw makes this extremely easy to do.

The Mod is fairly standard for a pod system. Inside you can see 1 of the 2 circular magnets on the left that holds the pod in. Two connector pins are visible on a slightly raised platform in the center. The off-center silver button just above the connector pins I believe is the Auto-Draw detector. The Amber Liquid color I received really pops in color and looks great. On the bottom you can see it’s CE certified as well as the capacity of the battery should you need to know it, or forget.

The Pod:


On the left, this is how your pod will arrive. As noted, please remove the sticker before attempting to use this pod device. It will be hard to miss, because you need to pull the pod out to first fill it with juice before vaping. At least I hope so. :rolleyes:

Refill Port:


The refill port shown here is sealed with a rubber plug. The rubber is quite soft, but durable enough not to have to worry about ripping it off. The refill hole can easily fit a chubby gorilla nozzle inside of it to prevent the worry of getting juice all over everything. That is not a great way to start a full tank of juice.



Also remember that air bubbles are a good thing. A lack of air bubbles often means you’re about to take a nasty dry hit. If this does occur with this pod (which it hasn’t for me once), try blowing into the pod. You can also try flipping it upside down to try to get some air transfer through the coil. There is no priming with this pod since the coil is not removeable. Fill the pod with juice, and let sit for a good 5-10 minutes.


The coil inside these pods are extremely tiny, but put out very good flavor. To compare, I laid it side by side with an Innokin 0.8 Ohm Z coil, which is also a small coil for a drop-in.



I had my first run-in with a leak yesterday (Day 5 of use), but it was very minor and easy to clean up. The hardest part to clean was inside the mod, but a quick swipe of a Q-Tip will get that out no problem. Since then, I haven’t seen a hint of further leaking. I hope this was a one-time thing.



The flavor of the MVP Pod is quite good. If you’re familiar with the Zenith II using the 0.8 Ohm Z coil, you can expect a slightly more voluminous vape cloud and flavor from this kit. There’s also a lingering aftertaste which I’m noticing most pod tanks do not often have, and I feel is a must for me to even consider using it. With ease-of-use being the main objective in creating this pod device, Innokin did a great job of that. The pods slide in and out very smoothly. The magnets are quite strong and will surely keep the pod from flying out if you were to accidentally drop it. I’ve vaped probably 4 pods worth of juice through this coil and the taste hasn’t changed in the slightest. My opinion hasn’t changed, Innokin coils still reign king of MTL vaping. Other than the disposal of the entire plastic pod when changing the coil, and the very minor and easily cleaned leak I had yesterday, I have nothing but good things to say about the MVP pod. This device will likely be a very good selection as an on-the-go option for anyone looking for a small, slightly loose MTL vape. I’ve also not been able to find other coil resistance options other than the two 0.65 Ohm pods I received in the package. Will they be making more resistance options in the future? Let’s hope so.

Edit: The coil started giving a burnt taste while concluding this review. It may be due to refilling somehow. 4 pod refills in total, 10.8 mL all together – I really hope the average coil lasts longer than that. I’ll give Innokin the benefit of the doubt.

Edit 2: I let the pod sit for a bit and the burnt taste has disappeared. Giving Innokin the benefit of the doubt was the right choice.


-Durable (tipped over/dropped several times)

-Extremely light-weight and compact

-Pod magnets are strong

-Larger pod size than the usual 2 mL

-Mouth piece is comfortable for lip seal

-Auto-draw works well

  • Makes it safe to pocket w/out worry of activating

-Rubber refill tab is thin but durable

-Refill opening fits chubby gorilla nozzles, no problem

-Coils last decently long (original coil still going) and the flavor production is great

-Stylish, youthful look/aesthetic

-USB Type-C (QC 3.0 chargeable)

-Adjustable power

-Usable with freebase & salt nic


-I didn’t see another available coil resistance option other than 0.65

-Entire plastic pod gets tossed when needing to replace the coil

-Slight leaking, but easily cleaned (a single case)

-No permanent adjustable airflow

  • Can use thumb or thumb and finger to plug one or both air flow holes if needed (Auto-draw makes this very easy)

Before I give a final evaluation, I want the viewer to understand how I rate this. For all values with a Weight of 10, it means this is a high priority for me – what I personally look for in a vape product. The lower the weight, the less this effects my overall judgment. Also bear in mind that I am evaluating this product for its intended purpose. The overall rating isn’t a computed average of each of these scores, but rather my overall enjoyment of vaping with this product.

Evaluation considerations:

Battery: Weight 10, Evaluation 8
(Internal/External, battery capacity, recharge time)

Flavor Production: Weight 10, Evaluation 9
(Depth of flavor, full/rich vs. hollow taste)

Vape Production: Weight 6, Evaluation 6
(Cloud size, volume, thickness)

Coil Performance (0.65 Ohm): Weight 10, Evaluation 8.5
(Lifespan, dry hitting, chain vaping, compatible coil resistance range)

Build Quality: Weight 10, Evaluation 10
(Durability, quality, leakage, reliability)

Efficiency (0.65 Ohm): Weight 10, Evaluation 10
(Juice consumption)

Size: Weight 3, Evaluation 10
(Comfort, pocketing)

Visual Appeal/Style: Weight 7, Evaluation 8

Versatility: Weight 5, Evaluation 10
(Options, Ohm range, salt nic vs. freebase)

Recommendation: Weight 7, Evaluation 8
(Would I pick this as the kit I’d rave about to another vaper?)

– Overall Rating –

Compared to other vape pens/pod kits: 8.5
(A few kinks, but overall a good device)

Compared to other mod+atomizer kits: 7.5
(A decently good on-the-go option)

Final note:

I hope you enjoyed the review and/or learned something about this device to help with an informed decision or comparison. The Innokin MVP Pod can be purchased from their website here and various other outlets.

I hope you found some great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Cheers and happy vape hoarding.


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