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Inhale Or Puff? | E-Cigarette Forum

I’m a puffer…which is not a MTL vaper, nor a DTL vaper…since you don’t bring the vapor down into the lungs. Since I first started vaping in Nov. 2013…I’ve always just pulled the vapor into my mouth, held it there for a couple seconds, and then exhaled it through my nose and/or mouth. I don’t inhale it to my lungs at all. There’s no term, like MTL, DTL, etc., that applies to that way of vaping though. Some have suggested MTN (mouth-to-nose) or MTNM (mouth-to-nose-mouth)…but no 1 acronym has ever been decided upon.

I get great flavor and have never had any problems getting the nic I need either. Since I had my last ciggie, I’ve never even craved one. So…it definitely works for me…and for others, too, on ECF. More people have been switching over to not inhaling, in the last several years, too. If it works for you, it’s a perfectly good way to vape.

You’re right about nic absorption being different when vaping than when smoking. With cigarette smoke…the nic in it is absorbed more readily in the lungs. The nic in vapor is more readily absorbed by the cheek cells, nasal passages, and sinus cavities.


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