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In defense of JUUL from a 10+ year ECF vet and vapor.. (semi-rant)

Something I noticed the other day when I was looking at old studies on nicotine and vaping.. I found a study about how nic is absorbed from vaping vs smoking. When I started – what got me off cigs on my crappy 510 cigalike with 3.0 ohm coils was 36 mg, which was quite common in 2011 maybe not as common as 24 or I think the lowest I saw people going was 18mg.. I could not buy a cigalike (NJOY) or others at 36mg I could only get it online which is where I shopped from day 1 because it was cheaper..

Well, back to the study from Febuary 2014Nicotine absorption from electronic cigarette use: comparison between first and new-generation devices | Scientific Reports a paragraph that stuck out to me like a sore thumb was this.. “The use of 18 mg/ml nicotine-concentration liquid probably compromises ECs’ effectiveness as smoking substitutes; this study supports the need for higher levels of nicotine-containing liquids (approximately 50 mg/ml) in order to deliver nicotine more effectively and approach the nicotine-delivery profile of tobacco cigarettes.”

I’ve never used a JUUL or Nic Salts. The reason is basically most of the long term vapors that I knew in the community were all vaping high power devices at 6mg or lower and thought that the JUUL at 50mg was way too high and overall they didn’t seem to like the device… However, vaping had been around for almost 10 years before JUUL came out and made 50ml and a great closed system that actually turned some smokers I know (and millions of other smokers) actually quit smoking. All of them told me that the JUUL was the best thing they tried it actually got rid of all their cravings while mods and other things couldn’t (for whatever reasons, too complicated, could satisfy their cravings at 6mg and didn’t like all the vaper and tech difficulty)..

I think people that have been into these things for a long time can agree that JUUL was THE device responsible for more smokers quitting than any other brand. I KNOW they are big tobacco and we hate big tobacco but I think that products like JUUL and high nic salts are a VERY effective way of getting smokers to quit that are just beginning their transistion and may just stay with them.

I see them get a lot of flack but I’ve seen first hand me trying to convert smokers and there was always something about it they didn’t like or reason why it didn’t satisfy them or just to complicated to use and too cumbersome…

I posted this just because vaping and it’s future has been on my mind a lot today.. I still will probably never personally use salts or JUULs but I’m glad they are here and getting it done when the other products just couldn’t for whatever reason.

If you agree, great – if not I’d love to know a counter argument (peacefully).

Love you all! Thanks for helping me get off cigs so long ago.


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