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I Lowered My Nicotine Level

I’m not 100% sure if less nicotine, from 18mg net eliquid to 6mg will make a major difference in seizures (with me), mtl vaping honestly but the salt nic is definitely an issue. I don’t mean to contradict myself but I was focused more on the 24mg freebase and salt nic being too much for me. Nicotine poisoning can happen, even in small symptoms I think and seizures is a symptom of it though I’m not a doc. But the difference in 24mg and 18mg is major with me.

If I do ever feel like I’m craving a cigarette real bad I’ll vape the 18mg but I think I’ll be better off with the 6mg.

But I’m not sure. What do other people think about the difference vaping 6mg at 20w and 18mg at 5w (both freebase)? I’m wondering if there’s a difference being that 18mg at 5w mtl is much less vapor. What are your thoughts?


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