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Hunters & Frankau introduce second Aged & Rare collection

Hunters & Frankau has released a second collection of Aged & Rare Havanas. The cigars will be available exclusively in the UK from next week.

First introduced in 2019, the Aged & Rare collection is part of the wider Hunters & Frankau House Reserve.

All cigars included in the Aged & Rare collection have been matured for a minimum of ten years in the company’s climate controlled warehouse.

On November 23rd , Hunters & Frankau invited key members of the UK cigar industry to The Bulgari Hotel in London for a private viewing of the 2021 collection.

These cigars are now destined for the humidors of cigar shops and terraces across the UK.

As with the release in 2019, this collection is very limited in quantity and will not last long on the shelves.

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