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HIC’s TOBLERONE CHOCOLATE BAR | Vaping Underground Forums

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HIC’s Toblerone Chocolate Bar recipe: It takes just one more ingredient to turn my Swiss Bliss chocolate bar into a Toblerone. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out! If you haven’t seen or tried Swiss Bliss, please read that thread before you make this — there’s surprising chemistry going on here, and this will taste much sweeter than you expect!

3% FlavourArt Cocoa
2% FlavourArt Chocolate
1.5 – 2% Acetyl Pyrazine:
1% FlavourArt Torrone

This tastes great fresh and does not change a whole lot as it ages.

I recommend 1.5% acetyl pyrazine if you’re using any nic base besides Vapers Tek. If you have VT nic, you can go up to 2% for the sweetest chocolate flavor. (Using only 1% does not taste sweet enough to me.)

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