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Hi, just got my Aegis X Zeus starter kit and glad to be here.

Just wanted to say hello and that I’m glad I found this forum. About a month ago I started buying disposable nic salt devices. Tried vaping about 8 years ago and never really got into it, it was much different this time around, I love it! I really liked the Esco Bars by Pastel Cartel, best flavor from any disposable I’ve tried.

I decided to ditch the disposables and first got a couple Geekvape Wenax K1’s for my girlfriend and I, the Cloud Nurdz nic salt has been our favorite by far. The other brands I’ve tried are all somewhat harsh (all 50mg nic).

Today I got my Geekvape Aegis X Zeus starter kit with a Nitecore D2 charger and two Samsung 20s 18650’s. I filled the tank with Pachamama Fuji apple strawberry nectorine 6% e-juice… It is AMAZING!!! I like it just as much, if not more, than the nic salts. Getting what I feel like great rips with the .4 ohm coil at 50 watts. I also got a 120mL of Berry Blast fruit edition by Finest but I haven’t tried that one out yet.

If anyone has any recommendations I would gladly listen! This site seems to have a TON of information so I am very grateful for that. Probably going to get a second set of 18650’s here pretty soon. Probably should get another tank so I can have a few different flavors available and I will definitely need some more coils as well. :w00t:


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