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Hi, I’m new – having troubles with my vape!

Hey guys, So i bought a Smok Alien ages ago and it came with the V8 Baby Tank (I have been using the Q2 (0.4ohm) coils) and it really is not faring well with the juices I buy.
All of the juices I enjoy on other people’s vapes are 70/30 and always taste great, however on my machine they always taste terrible and end up frying the coils so quickly.

What Tank should I go for? I’m wanting nice clouds and nice flavour, but also a certain degree of longevity on the coils.

I’ve also noticed that if I want to just take a short hit from the vape every now and then, it tastes incredibly burnt, even with well primed, new coils inside – however on the deeper and longer hits is where I only get the flavour desired.

Any and all help is very much so appreciated, thank you <3


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