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Hi from a newbei | E-Cigarette Forum

Hey folks,

I’m new on this forum also new on vapeing ^^

I wanna ask something about DIY e-liqs.

If i make liquids with just one aroma and steep all the e-liquids seperately but same percentages with PG/VG/Nbase rates. Then when they steeped in their times (they will steeped in different times, i knew) if i mix them when i wanna vape, how will the aromas taste? Can i taste them togetherly or wont i taste the aromas seperately because of they didnt steep together?

Actually i want to steep tobacco aromas seperately and the vanillia aroma in another bottle. Cause sometime im gonna vape just tobacco or sometimes just vanillia custard or sometimes wanna vape tobacco-vanillia-peanut togetherly.

What do you think about that?


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