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Here I am again, stuck in the middle with you!

What would one of my wonderful posts be without some music to listen to?

You guys have been so helpful to me in the past, ever since JC dieded (I had their Vea) — thank you so much!

Well, you were so awesome setting me up with the Geek Vape Flint but alas, when I went back to re-up on their kit (the glass neck cracked), I couldn’t find it for sale.

So, yes, I guess I made the mistake of buying the Mero; I say it was a mistake because now when I go back to buy coils (only one coil was included and it popped on me on the second day), alas I am unable and the Mero kit page returns 404.

So here I am stuck again! Let’s sing it!! :D

I am willing to re-up with any basic kit really, I don’t like fancy anything (no box kits etc. & I vape 99% of the time at home in front of my comp) but I am totally clueless where the “right” place is to go; I mean everyone has their personal preferences and I have always found your advice so helpful!

Whomever wishes to vent their personal favorites, with their eye on my preferences for BASIC, would always have my appreciation!

Now I must depart but can I leave without serenading you once again?

Nope! :D


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