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HELP: My Mix is in need of a Holiday | Vaping Underground Forums

I whipped up the most boring bottle of butterscotch RY4Double the other day and thought, I’d like to spruce it up with some holiday cheer (ya, i said that).
I bought a GRIP of new flavors, too many to list – suffice to say if I don’t have it, I can concoct a substitute so –

WHAT FLAVORS DO U RECOMMEND TO MELD WITH BUTTERSCOTCH RY4 BLEND & don’t forget it has a good amount of vanilla swirl, of course!

I want to gingerbread/pumpkin spice up something tonite.
I even have some chocolate peppermint whatver from one on one flavors (

Am begging for recipes and will comb the forums for eggnogs and vanilla puddin but what do u think goies well with the above mentioned flavors b aside from vanilla ustard, i have alot of variations of the same – I want some sage advice before I start squirting in random flavors without taking any notes of whats going where – j/k damn! why so cereal?
thanks in advance!


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