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Wed 24 Feb 2021 02:11:21 AM EST

Thought I would update this and give a bit of brief commentary.

First a big thank you to no one here. Getting no response at all helps me really clarify we’re doing all we can, firstly. It also clarifies something else I had about half suspected.

What had I a military rejected suspected?

That if indeed you were “stamped” out as that then no one offers any help. So, that clears up the military folks being assholes. Yes indeed they are. Right, got it now. Thanks. Not a problem. I’ll continue on my own merry way just as I’ve done most of my fighting life.

Why would I think that?

Let me see, maybe because a prick told me my discharge would still be listed as honorable. Come to find out I was separated on entry so basically I got no military record even if I did pass basic, was willing to keep going. I had every intent to go 40 years or more. I made no mistake. I wanted to serve. MEPS made the error.

So then I ask for help. Even a, “Hey, don’t know what to tell you beyond what you’re doing”, would have been nice. Been near a month and no one offers even that. No one offers even a, “hey fuck you.” So yeah, there you go. That’s my thinking on it, military equates to assholes. Thanks for showing me the light.

And before anyone gets all in my face to show respect. Go unfuck yourself. I grew up learning army infantry from an uncle that served in Vietnam, a grandfather that served in WW II, a “retired” Screaming Eagle Army Airborne Ranger that was Delta. I grew up learning about Navy from a man that was Broiler Tech over 40+ years.

I know respect. I’ll not respect those who offer none to me. It seems clear that not even being bothered to offer a simple response shows a lack of respect. Again, it was not my error. I should have been granted an honorable discharge as I was told. But it’s all fine. I’m not holding a grudge.

It just irks me out of the principle of having been lied to about it. And then I ask for help. So don’t tell me to be respectful, go look in a mirror instead.

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