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Hellvape Arez, fix for faulty button

I had been looking for this mod for 2 months, it came yesterday, the fire and up button both are faulty, they click but that doesn’t activate fire, it takes more pressure then will fire, so at first it fires, stops, fires, stops while taking a puff. The up button is the same way. Funnily enough as I took mine apart a 4th small button fell out, guess they accidently left one floating around inside, total bull…., could be unsafe too… Proof in pics, there’s only 2 small buttons and one big, somehow I have 3 small.

I took the 3 screws out on top, battery thread cap and used a tool to press inside the battery housing to slide the guts out, easiest to keep it buttons down so they don’t drop out, but you can put them back. Around the fire dome switch there’s a silicone square, like a spring I assume, but the button also has a spring, I’d figure maybe the rubber is supposed to extend the life of the dome switch or maybe to minimize button rattle, it would also give more resistance when pressing, so could be useful to minimize accidentally pressing button, but even with my big strong hands my usual pressure wasn’t nearly enough to get a consistent fire from this mod.

First I removed the square piece and tried, sure enough the issue is gone, fires whenever it clicks, like they all always have, but I was worried to remove that piece completely, so I shaved it down with a razor a tenth or 2 of a mm to it can stay in there.

I read a review where the reviewer talked about random instances of it not firing, I’ll bet this is the problem, why that reviewer didn’t scream bloody murder I don’t know, this is a critical flaw imo, and one so easily fixed but using a slightly less tough piece of rubber, or a different material, or 5 other ways of solving it

I love the mod, color is choice, super lightweight, perfect size, the shape and lines are great, serious cheers for building repairable mod, Hellvape!


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