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Hello to you all 👋 I am new here | Vaping Underground Forums

I am vaping for 2 year’s now. I started on MTL but after a year I switched to RDL. I tried DL but I do not like it. Even before I started vaping, I searched as much as possible about vapig on the internet. I was heavy smoker, I used to smoke between 3 – 4 packs per day. So I knew that it will be hard to stop. So I wanted something that will blow my mind on first attempt. I am not someone who will easily throw money on something, but in this case I made just opposite. Idea was if I try with something cheap, and if it doesn’t work, then I would just go back to cigarette’s and I could say I tried but that is not for me. So I went crazy and bought dicode Dani 25 and I bought Squape N’duro MTL. So it had to work because if not that would be unnecessary thrown money. So I was forcing myself, saying to myself you didn’t pay that so it would stand on shelf. So after few weeks, I stopped smoking cigarettes and from then I only vape. I switched only from Squape N’duro MTL to Odis collection and design – Odis 25 RDA


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