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Hello! I’m vaping since 2016 but I still need help

Hello! My name is Artemis and I live in Quebec, Canada. I started vaping in 2016 and I still need help figuring some things

I started on an eleaf istick with a aspire K2 tank (bvc coils) and 6mg 50/50 e-liquid.

A year later, I bought an eleaf aster and I kept my K2 tank (and for the e-liquid 3mg 50/50 watermelon ever since).

I love the vaping experience I get with this mod/tank but my eleaf aster kept breaking every 8months (stuck firing buton) and I have difficulty to find it on the market now (same thing for my aspire K2 tank).

So I tried 2 other mods (eleaf pico 75w and Tesla cigs punk 85w). The pico came with a tank but I really didn’t like it (vapor too hot and too difficult to vape) and with my K2 tank, the coils burned too fast (2days). With the punk, I kept my K2 on it but the feeling was not the same (my mouth was dry).

I vape 10ml of juice a day at 8w.

I wondered if you could suggest something similar as the combination of the eleaf aster/K2 tank on the market today.

Thank you for your answers and sorry for my english, french is my mothertongue


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