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Hello.. I have some questions if it’s okay ?

Hi DK, and welcome to ECF.

When it comes to vaping, you are quite accurate in stating that its different from person to person.

How often, how much and what strength to go with starting out will most likely depend on your current smoking habit.

I average about 15ml of e-juice a day at 4mg per ml. However, this is after about 8 years of vaping.

When I first quit smoking I was vaping 13mg nicotine strength on a small MTL (Mouth to Lung) atomizer and consumed about 4-5ml juice a day. The first couple of weeks completely smoke free I vaped more due to the anxiety of quitting.

The cost is much MUCH cheaper than cigarettes, especially if you make your own juice.

Have you made any choices about which vaporizer and flavor you are thinking about going with? Do your friends vape?

You will need a reliable device and possibly a backup to replace the reliability of smoking.


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