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Hello all my new friends! | Vaping Underground Forums

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I live in Central California. I am a civil engineer and I love my job. I was a smoker for 28 years, but kind of a strange one.. a pack of cigs would last me 3 weeks. Regardless, I could not quit no matter how hard I tried. I found vaping about 3 years ago and I enjoy it immensely. As a neurotic engineer I like to tinker with things and have recently started playing with RDAs and RTAs. I still need advice though from those who also like to build. I joined because I need help and I think this is probably the best forum for it. DIY is new to me and I am finding most of my mixes blah. I have just a simple request to start, can anyone point me towards the right thread? I admit this is the first forum I have ever joined and I hope I am not being improper in any way. I am excited to meet folks online, recently divorced after 28 years of marriage . All the success professionally , divorce makes you feel like such a failure. Ignore my Debbie Downer routine…. I am happy to be here,

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