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Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD (Part 6)

Welcome to THE BIG THREAD (Part 6). What is THE BIG THREAD? In a sentence, we are HHV enthusiasts assembled on one thread that discuss just about anything anyone wants including, but not limited to, HHV. This has led to some solid friendships. What THE BIG THREAD is NOT: We do not engage in supplier hype. Enthusiasm is good. Hype is not. No one should feel afraid to discuss their likes and dislikes across the e-cig world. It will always remain friendly, constructive, and within the ECF rules…as always.


THE BIG THREAD began on August 27, 2012 as a small collection of vapers wandering aimlessly through the e-liquid universe in search of good smoke juice. We quickly discovered two things. One, HHV made great smoke juice, and two, we kinda liked each other. The next thing we knew, THE BIG THREAD exploded into one of the most visited threads in ECF history with more than 120,000 posts. It was because of the juice and the people who stayed with the thread. Poor ECF didn’t know what to do with us so they gave us our own subforum that was named, “HHV Army”. We added a bunch of new threads and the epic continued. THE BIG THREAD has always been the mainstay. And as such, it will be continued in Heather’s Heavenly Vapes subforum beginning with Part 3. We will also re-create many of the popular threads that were established in the HHV Army subforum so feel free to visit those as well (including the HHV juice reviews in the sticky section). We can help recommend juice or gear and/or hang around for a few laughs. We always welcome new people and encourage it. So pull up a keyboard, jump in, and have some fun.

Instructions to subscribe:

To access the Heather’s Heavenly Vapes subforum, click on this link… Heather’s Heavenly Vapes You can subscribe to the HHV Army subforum by….

1. Click on this link… Heather’s Heavenly Vapes Next, click on “Watch Forum” located above the threads on the right.
2. Click on “Watch Forum”.
3. Choose if you want alerts and how you would like them. After choosing your options, click on “Watch Forum”. You are now subscribed.
4. You can access the Heather’s Heavenly Vapes subforum by clicking on “Watched Forums” in the information bar that is at the top of the forum. It is located in the same line as the “Search” box.
5. Click on “Heather’s Heavenly Vapes”. You will find THE BIG THREAD (Part 4) and all subforum threads from this page.

Links to...

The original BIG THREAD: Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD

THE BIG THREAD (Part 2): Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD (Part 2)

THE BIG THREAD (Part 3): Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD (Part 3)

THE BIG THREAD (Part 4): Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD (Part 4) | E-Cigarette Forum

THE BIG THREAD (Part 5): Heather’s Heavenly Vapes – THE BIG THREAD (Part 5) | E-Cigarette Forum

HHV Army Subforum: The HHV Army

All will be closed to new posting but are available for viewing.

The HHV Army BIG THREAD Roll Call

Bappo – Dwight
Bimini Twist – Mark
BlackStrat – Rob
Bronze – Ed
BunnyKiller – Scot
Calve – Paul
Chakris – Chris (Resting In Peace)
DavidOH – David
Desert Dweller – Laszlo
Djtim – Tim
dreamreaper – Tommy
Dusty_D – David
EddardinWinter – Chris
gthompson – Guy
HolmanGT – George
Hulamoon – Suzanne
IcePoet – TJ
Iowa Gal – Tammy
JayTater – Jason
kkay59 – Kelly
LAwaters – Lori
LeoRex – Corey
Lt. Col. Killjoy – Gabriel
MostlySunny – April
MrPicC – Craig
PapawBrett – Brett
RJ – Kelly
Ray D – Ray
retic1959 – Gary
Robino1 – Robin (Resting In Peace)
76Bridget – Bridgette
SamuelMSr – Sam
searching4answers – Sue
Sirius = Rick
Stephuhnator – Stephanie
tnt – Tim N Tresa
Vermiform – Jeff

In Memory
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Frank Prescott (aka 73ckn797) – 08/11/2013 Remembrance Thread: Remembering 73 (aka 73ckn797, Frank Prescott)
Bobby Ivie (aka Bivie) – 05/05/2014 – Remembrance Thread:
Remembrance – Bobby Ivie (aka, bivie)

Christoper Pfrang (aka Chakris) – 07/23 or 07/24/2017 – Remembrance Thread: Remembering Christopher Pfrang (aka, Chakris…”Chak”)
Robin Lawthers (aka Robino1) – 10/6/2018 – Remembrance Thread:
Remembering Robin


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