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NOVEMBER 26, 2018

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON: HEADS UP! Rep. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver is planning to reintroduce legislation to raise the age for legal sale of vapor products, denying smoking adults 18-20 access to safer alternatives. Washington CASAA:

Rep. Harris hopes to raise tobacco sale age to 21

THE MORE YOU KNOW: #Vapers “…exposed to excessive metal levels only by consuming high volumes of vape liquids. For example, vapers would have to use 15.4 liters (nearly four gallons) of liquid per day to achieve exposure to 2 micrograms of cadmium.”

Tobacco Truth: Detoxing the Heavy Metal Vape Scare

UPDATE: (LAUDERDALE, MINNESOTA) Just ONE person moved City Council to prohibit ADULT SMOKERS 18-20 from access to SAFER ALTERNATIVES to smoking. More will follow unless YOU stand against it. Minnesota CASAA:

Lauderdale raises tobacco purchase age to 21 – Park Bugle

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Why do adult smokers need vaping? Because “in a given year, more than 40 percent of smokers make no attempt to quit. For those who do, it can take many tries — estimates vary from six to 30 — before they succeed, if they ever do.” #THR
Cessation fatigue predicts which smokers making a quit attempt are likely to relapse

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Georgetown study finds “strong and consistent inverse relationship between vaping and smoking across the different datasets for both youth and young adults.” (Translation: Vaping appears to be major factor in lowering youth smoking.) As Vaping Increased in Popularity, Use of Cigarettes Declined

SNOWMASS, COLORADO: HEADS UP! Town Council considers prohibiting ADULT smokers 18-20 from access to SAFER smoking alternatives. Fight for tobacco harm reduction in Colorado with tips from Colorado CASAA: Colorado – CASAA

UPDATE: (NORMAL, ILLINOIS) Town Council denies ADULT smokers 18-20 access to safer smoking alternatives. Advocate for smokers and vapers with Illinois CASAA:

LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS: HEADS UP! Village Board could vote on denying adult smokers 18-20 access to safer alternative to smoking during a MEETING in LATE DECEMBER.

IN THE NEWS: (EU) Court stands by BAN on low risk, smoke-free #snus. Meanwhile, Sweden enjoys lowest 2017 smoking rate at 7%, while EU smoking ranges from 19% in Belgium to whopping 37% rate in Greece:

TUCSON, ARIZONA: HEADS UP! City working to deny adult #SMOKERS 18-20 access to safer alternatives to smoking. Learn more about advocating at Arizona CASAA:

IN THE NEWS: (UKRAINE) Legislation Institute of the Ukrainian Parliament expert CREDITS #TobaccoHarmReduction, including #VAPING, for declining smoking rates in the country. Strazhesko Cardiology Research Center study shows switching improves health.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: States will spend less than 3% of $27+ billion 2018 Settlement payments & taxes on prevention/cessation, instead spending the windfall on unrelated programs & projects. Unsuprisingly, some want to roll vapor products into the scheme.

IN THE NEWS: (FDA) “People are moving to e-cigarettes and that isn’t going to change,” Miller said. “These regulations won’t slow the investment by these companies. In fact, they incentivize them to produce even more products for current users.”

UPDATE: (VERNON HILLS, ILLINOIS) Officials decided AGAINST raising the age for legal possession of tobacco & #vaping products to 21.

UPDATE: (ILLINOIS) Tobacco 21 bill, which included #vaping products, short on override votes


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