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Got back into building, need help!

Hey, I used to vape years ago and took a break for a few years, I used mech mods and would build my own coils and make these fancy twisted coils and would experiment and build different types of coils, I would even patina a decorate some of my copper mech mods too! I enjoyed the hands-on craft of this hobby.

I would like to get back into this hobby and focus on building coils and chasing big clouds! It’s just that after having not been in the vape world for a few years things sure seem pretty different from what I remember, back then everyone had mech mods and the building coils was just part of it, now you can buy pre-made coils and the prices of some these mech mods have shot through the roof!

I need help in understanding what equipment is ideal for my needs, I assume to building crazy coils and chase clouds you would have to use a mechanical mod? or can this be done with these new regulated box mods?

I recently walked into a smoke shop and bought some stuff without much research and the guy at the store didn’t know much either, so I just bought some stuff that looked right lol!

I bought:
Lost Vape Quest Grus 100w MOD
Wotofo Atty3 RDA
and some SS316l wire in 28g
and a 18650 battery in a white wrap that says “energy” in blue on it, not sure if this is real or a knockoff

I wrapped a single coil and did about 13 wraps on a 2mm rod and it came out to 1.1ohm, I installed it and it worked but I only got about two or three small hits before the battery got low and I would have to charge it, the battery only lasted about 20-30mintues after charging overnight, the vapor from the first hit was also pretty disappointing too.

Definitely not the clouds I was used too :(

Anyways I’m wondering if you guys can help steer me in the right direction and let me know what I’m doing wrong and also what equipment I should I buy for my needs, I’m planning on buying everything new again so if the equipment I listed above cant be used then that’s fine. Not sure if I should jump back into mech mods or maybe there is a new way to do things now!



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