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GeekVape Aegis Nano Pod Vape Kit review by Javichu

Hello there fellow vaperinos.

Time for another review of a vaping apparatus,this time i am going to review the GeekVape Aegis Nano Pod Vape Kit that was sent to me by Sourcemore.

Full disclaimer i am not a pod user nor i vape nic salts regularly,i do keep nic salt e-liquid at home for reviews of devices like this.

Ok time to show some of some of the general information of this vaping apparatus.

This device has 6 different color schemes:


Integrated features:






Easy charging:


How to refill:


Geekvape Nano Kit Specifications:

Battery: built-in 800mah battery
Output: 5-30W
Output Voltage: 0.1-6.0V
Input Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
Input Current: 1A (max)
Screen: 0.69 inch Display(OLED black and white screen)
Minimum Voltage: 3.2V土0.1V
Resistance Range: 0.20-3.0Ω
Vaping Time: 10s
Temperature Control: 100℃ -315℃/200℉-600℉
Charging Port: Type-C
Resistance: 0.6Ω(Pre-installed, 20-25W)

One button to rule them all:

Turn power on/off = x5 clicks of the fire button
Adjust wattage = x3 clicks of the fire button + consecutive clicks to adjust upward in 1 watt increments.
Clear puff counter = x4 clicks of the fire button
Lock device = x2 clicks of the fire button

First impressions:

So the doorbell rang and there was the postman,yay!!
Vapemail and time to open some boxes,here are the contents of all that is in the box of the GeekVape Aegis Nano Pod Vape Kit:


Package includes:

Geekvape Nano mod
0.6ohm pod (installed)
1.2ohm pod
Spare parts
Type C USB cable
User manual

Oh boy…this thing is small and i mean small,tiny…petite.
Truth be told i was scared to even pick it up but ok i need to do a proper review so lets fondle the apparatus.

And wow!! it seems small and ”flimsy” but once in your hand you realise it does have some weight to it and that it is well made.

To be honest at first glance i thought it was a toy or a keychain,not kidding.
Like back in the day when you were a kid and couldn’t afford to get a proper Hot Wheels car you wanted so you had to settle for those cheap knockoffs.

Impression you get when looking at it is that it will crumble just by breathing onto it but once you are holding it you know you got a well engineered and sturdy device in your hands.


Decided to start with the preinstaled 0.6ohm Aegis Nano Pod,primed it up and let it sit for 15 minutes and then it was time to try it out.
For this coil i used my Lemon Minty Fresh Sherbet flavor with a 70PG/30VG ratio and 4.5ml of nicotine.
The recommended wattage for this coil is 20-25W,started lower just to ”break” the coil in.
Finally parked myself iun the 20w range and yeah baby not bad,not the wattage or coil i normally use for my everyday vape but this one delivered a nice combo of flavor and cloud.

I like restricted vapes so this was perfect for me,kinda made me wonder how i got this performance from such a little device.

Used this coil for about 3 days until i decided to give the other coil a try.

Changed to the 1.2ohm Aegis Nano Pod which is aimed at Mouth to Lung vapers with a tighter draw,recommended wattage for this coil is 11w to 14w.

I loaded it up with the nic salts i keep in my vaping trunk so i can review devices like this and as usual i let it sit for 15 minutes than gave it a go.
Started with low wattage and then little increments until i settled into 12w,and yeah not bad not bad at all.
Having tried similar devices i gotta say this one gave me a nice mtl draw,keep in mind i am not an MTL vaper but i did enjoy this coil.

Filling up of said pods was a bit more time consumming because you need to remove the cap and then the silicone plug.
I am guessing this was designed this way to make sure that you don’t get any leaks or seepage from the filling area and i gotta say that it works…no leaking or seapage happened during the time i used this device.


– Top notch quality for such a small device/price range
– Good flavor
– Very durable
– Battery life not bad considering it is only a 800mah battery


– Metallic frame in the device is a fingerprint magnet (OCD went into overdrive and i was always wiping it to keep it fingerprint free
– Top cap was difficult to remove

Would i recommend this device?

Well this depends on a lot of factors.

If you vape a lot for me the apparatus will come in short,will need to refill a lot and the battery will run out quickly.
For MTL users thou yes of course this is one device you should have,great performance for such a little device.

You can just carry it around on your neck and know that you can have a quick puff right away to placate your nicotine needs.
Full time mommy who takes care of the house and 4 children,giving Zumba classes in the gym or a bounty hunter ready to catch the bad guy this device is for you.

For the dude that is up a pole doing some Fiber Splicing or taking care of the kids at home and just need that quick vape to relax and realise the house is a mess and it’s up to you to clean up then yeah this is the apparatus for you.

Big thanks to @Ema from Sourcemore for sending me this device so i could review it.

Leaving here a code in case any of you decide to give it a try:

$21.39 – GeekVape Aegis Nano Kit

Thanks to everyone for reading and i hope you liked my review


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