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Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit Review By Frenkyou

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Front view:
The top is notched and when the clear cartridge is installed you can see the e-liquid level.
The panel is composed of a thin vertical black strip that incorporates an Air-Flow hole at the top dimensioned for the MTL vape. Towards the bottom there is a small electric symbol under which the signaling LEDs are located (3 LEDs for Aegis 1FC and 1 LED for Aegis ONE).

► Led Lights and Power Step:
• High Power: Green Led: 3.5V
• Average Power: Blue Led: 3.3V
• Low Power: Red Led: 3.1V
* When the battery voltage is low, the output is based on the actual battery voltage.

► Led lights; Notifications and active protections:
• When the voltage is lower than 3.4V the red LED is always on
• Voltage 3.4 ~ 3.8V, the blue LED is fixed
• Voltage 3.8 ~ 4.15V, the green LED is steady
• When the Pod is not connected, the red LED flashes 3 times
• If the output voltage is lower than <3.2V the Mod does not activate
• Cut-Off 10s: The output is automatically cut off after 10 seconds of continuous use.
• If the temperature has exceeded 65 ° C before use or 85 ° C during use, dispensing stops
• The protection is active if the coil is short-circuited, or if its resistive value is too low.

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 11.jpg

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Bottom and top view:
The compartment / pod does not use magnets to hold the cartridge, however it does offer a solid hook if you insert the pod all the way in correctly. Inside the compartment there are two gold-plated pins for the contact and the pressure sensor for the automatic Puff.

On the bottom there is the Type-C charging socket, the charging speed is higher for Aegis 1FC (5V/2A) while for Aegis ONE the charging speed is limited to 5V/1A.

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 12.jpg

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Integrated batteries:
Aegis 1FC has a 550mAh battery which, thanks to the 5V / 2A fast charge, recharges completely in a short time (about 15 minutes). Aegis One has a slightly larger battery (780mAh) but with 5V / 1A charging it recharges in a longer time; about 40 minutes.

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 13.jpg

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 14.jpg

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Cartridges:
There are currently two different disposable cartridges available; both have a capacity of up to 2ml of e-liquid, one contains a 0.8Ω resistor with an estimated use range of 12-16W and the other cartridge contains a 1.2Ω resistor in the 8-12W range. Power is related to the actual battery level during use. The cartridges are both transparent to make the liquid level visible and are inserted into the Mod only in one direction, the rectangular protrusion that houses the 3 reference notches (liquid level) obviously must be positioned towards the opening in the upper part of the device.

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 15.jpg

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 16.jpg

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Refil:
The drip-tip is completely removable, the larger hole is for filling while the smaller hole on the opposite side is a vent. This is a solution already seen with other manufacturers but it remains one of the most practical and fastest systems to refuel on a Pod Mod.

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 17.jpg

The Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE cartridges use a special internal “S” shaped airway which according to Geekvape makes the airflow more fluid and increases the hit to the throat (Hit).

Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE Kit 18.gif

► Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE; Final conclusions:
The design and build quality of Geekvape Aegis 1FC / ONE is very satisfactory and the ergonomics during use and transport are also remarkable. Battery life is logically longer on the Aegis ONE, but the AEGIS 1FC recharges in just 15 minutes less than half the time it takes for the Aegis ONE. The automatic extraction works in an excellent way and without delays, I find no differences with the activation via the button, unfortunately it is not possible to deactivate the button to vape only in automatic mode, for this it is necessary to turn off the Mod before putting it back in the pockets, however the most of the Mod Pods on the market do not offer this convenient option which instead is present on Geekvape Wenax K1 Wenax K1

I really appreciated these cartridges and during the test to try them I used all three available power steps but I did not find much difference between them, even at the minimum power level selected the thrust is well calibrated. The chipset of both kits allows a full-bodied and constant supply up to the last puffs.

Both 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω cartridges offer a balanced hit in the throat and you don’t need a high concentration of nicotine in liquids to feel it. The fixed type air flow system is made for a not particularly restricted type of MTL vape. With the 0.8Ω resistance, the formation of vapor clouds is remarkable and the puffs are fluid and always satisfying. The 1.2Ω resistor is more suitable for MTL use and offers almost the same performance as the 0.8Ω. Both coils start well from new and without weird flavors of plastic or cotton, so they allow you to taste your liquids 100% right away. There is practically no condensation. I have not registered any leaks, unwanted spitting phenomena are rare, but they can occur by letting the liquid inside the cartridge mature for a long time.

The top-fill method is practical and quick, but you need to inject the liquid through the refill hole carefully and patiently to fill both internal compartments of the cartridge equally and to the same level. These disposable cartridges are transparent and the small window allows you to see the internal level decently without particular contortions.

In conclusion Geekvape Aegis 1FC & Aegis ONE in their sector of “entry level” devices are absolutely to be taken into consideration, personally I am satisfied and so will those looking for a reliable, economical and convenient Pod device for MTL to buy.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks to Geekvape for sending me these samples for review.
Geekvape 1FC
Geekvape ONE

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