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Ferio Tego – PCA 2021

Since the unfortunate closure of the once-beloved Nat Sherman brand in the fall of 2020, followed by the announced resurrection of many of its lines through the debut of Ferio Tego earlier this year, cigar hobbyists have been eagerly anticipating the company’s first release.

While this was expected to come at the 2021 PCA trade show, production delays prohibited the company, led by Michael Herklots (formerly of Nat Sherman), from displaying product. Herklots, along with partner, Brendon Scott, still intended to support the trade show, pivoting from a traditional booth to the sponsorship of one of the PCA’s “finish your cigar” lounge areas. This was somewhat confusing, as it very closely resembled a full-fledged booth, complete with Michael Herklots, Ferio Tego brand insignia, and cigar boxes. But on closer examination, the boxes were empty and the chairs occupied by attendees simply looking for a break.

However, cigars or no, Herklots’ charming personality helped to stave off anticipation until the eventual release, estimated in the Aug. to Sep. timeframe. The eponymous freshman release will arrive in two blends, with one size, in boxes of 10 cigars.

Ferio Tego also acquired the eight blends under Nat Sherman’s Timeless and Metropolitan lines, with the full portfolio expected by the holidays.

Ferio Tego box lid PCA 2021

Ferio Tego box closed PCA 2021Ferio Tego box open PCA 2021

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