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Fat Kid Ice Cream | Vaping Underground Forums

In anticipation of Fall and thick, creamy vapes, I put this together. Salted caramel cookie dough ice cream. It’s good. Really good, IMO.

FLV Caramel 0.5%
WF Caramel(salted) 1%
FLV Cookie 0.5%
FLV Cookie Dough 1%
WF Cookie Dough 2%
SSA Ice Cream Vanilla 2%

So I’m fairly confident that you can sub in any of the other salted caramels(FW, VT, Fantasy), but I think the WF is the best one for the job. You could also sub the ice cream, as well. If you are sensitive to coconut or just don’t like it, you may want to pass along on this recipe. I happily love the coconut note in many concentrates, so I’m good.

I hope you enjoy it, if you mix it up!


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