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EPC Cigar Co. – PCA 2021

New year, new booth, new crown. EPC returned to the trade show as the undisputed champion, receiving the top honor from both Cigar Dojo and Cigar Aficionado during the 2020 off year.

As the company’s Perez-Carrillo Series has now earned the No. 1 or No. 2 spot from Cigar Aficionado on each of the three cigars in the collection (likely the most decorated series in CA’s Top 25 history), the focus from EPC was understandably on building out these three brands at PCA 2021.

This includes two new limited sizes between the La Historia and Pledge cigars: La Historia Parientes and Pledge Apogee. The former is a connoisseur-favorite 6½” x 43 lonsdale, which was originally slated for 500 boxes but grew to roughly 1,500 due to trade show demand. The size is priced at $10.50 MSRP per cigar, shipping throughout the year as production allows. The Pledge Apogee offers the other side of the vitola coin, sized at a 6¼” x 58 gordo. Carrillo stated there would be 3,000 boxes of 10 cigars made, priced at $15 MSRP per cigar and shipping in Oct.; this size will likely become regular production next year. He also hinted that the lonsdale size may expand to the other two blends in the future.

Also showcased was the Perez-Carrillo Trilogy sampler, which is a three-piece sampling of the company’s most awarded blends: Pledge, Encore, and La Historia. This sampler began shipping in May, including one cigar each of the Pledge Prequel, Encore Majestic, and La Historia E-III sizes. The Trilogy set retails for $36 MSRP. These will be produced on an ongoing basis, with 5,000 to 10,000 being made at a time.

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