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ELR is run by incompetent “fixers”. | Vaping Underground Forums

TZ. Calling this clown out. A clown who likes to read his own words more than being correct. Making incorrect “corrections”. And claiming he sees “numerous errors” in my list….when there is literally none. Doesn’t like being corrected, won’t even acknowledge it. I did the leg work to fix his “fix”. He was then offended enough to make false claims.

Red Summer Watermelon is a different product with a different product code than Watermelon. Yet he STILL claims I should “fix” it. I literally listed all the information and the link to the site.

The only questionable items is Ethyl Maltol….which doesn’t matter but I still chose the right one. And FA Meringue which is just oddly named, but there is no other name. If there’s anything wrong I’m happy to fix it, as I did with Super Sweet. But don’t attribute nonsense to me.

If dealing with ELR is like this all the time….then they can fuck off. And TZ is an incompetent FOOL with no business as a “fixer”.


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