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does vapes effect the health? | Vaping Underground Forums

Does vaping affect health, yes! Below is part of a post I did last year and I’m sticking to my personal opinion about what I said regarding vaping.

My vaping facts!

Quit cigs after decades of smoking. The last 20 years were non filtered and RYO’s. It took me two whole days to completely quit once I started vaping. I only saved about 3K bucks in the first year, this year I’ve spent 369 bucks on vape products. Cigs are 6.50 a pack in Ohio that combined with my extra health insurance premium of 1,800 / year would have cost me 4,200 bucks a year as a smoker. I could buy a new car on what I’m saving!

Why I’m posting in the heath area.

As a smoker I constantly had bogies, blew my nose throughout the day…that stopped completely in the first month. As a smoker I would occasionally get extremely sharp localized pains in my lungs, a bit like being poked with the end of a pencil…that stopped completely in a few months and has not returned. As a smoker I occasionally had asthma attacks, they have stopped. SOB (shortness of breath) it got really severe the last few years of cigs, improved by maybe 25% (2019 update on SOB, it has now reduced even more than last year) the first year of vaping, and this year another 25%. Nearly forgot, I usually burned my cig fingers at least 2 or 3 times a week…sometimes very badly when the cig stuck to my lips as I tried to pull it away from my mouth. Haven’t burned myself 1 single time in 2 years!

What did my Doctor say at my last check up in June? Mouth, throat, etc… looked great, BP 112/70, O2 absorption rate 98%, blood work…all good except PSA numbers. (update on Dr visit: stats are still good and my PSA has dropped by 4 points probably from using Pygeum)

Gee what else? I no longer smell like an ashtray, the air in my house/garage/car has no cig odor, my clothing no longer smells of burnt tobacco. (update on the cig stink: repainted my interior walls and ceiling…cig odor now completely GONE!)

All of the above are MY FACTS on (update:now over 3 years) 2 years of vaping!

Does vaping affect health? It did mine!!!!

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