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Do you have multiple vape rigs, many juices and coils for them, and need a way to keep track of what’s in what? | Vaping Underground Forums

Yeah nadalama, I tried that…was too much work to keep up with 18 devices, which unlike you I have out and running at least 10 at a time ( for morning coffee, one for after dinner, for playing Xbox, 2x for the pub, driving and incognito at social events! Check out Memento (available for iPhone too I just googled), you can have fields that are a user defined checklist, filters, sort and different views, and the 3 libraries automatically update to list at the bottom of each page where the item is used in another library. I have setup filters to let me know at a glance what I have to reorder and when… Even if you only have 3 devices this can save you time and getting up to “check what did I do to that one?” BTW – Memento is FREE to use with up to 3 libraries, as I have done! Cheers!!


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