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Do e-cigarettes help stop smoking | Vaping Underground Forums

Hi! I am looking for information on whether e-cigarettes help with smoking cessation. Are there any helpful sources on this?

Well you won’t easily find studies or statistics here in the US, since our nanny government wants to kill us all. There have been studies done in the UK, where they have allowed vape shops to open in hospitals, to help the hospitalized and visitors (here in the US we get McDonalds restaurants in hospitals).

I believe this is the earliest UK study:

and there have been updates.

Smoking cigarettes is the inhalation of smoke from burning plant matter infused with chemical additives that make cigarettes more addictive. Vaping is the inhalation of a liquid vaporized on a coil. The liquid is made of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), liquid nicotine and flavoring.

Propylene glycol is the carrier liquid for the medicine in asthma inhalers, and for other inhaled medicines for lung diseases. PG has antiseptic properties among others.

Vegetable glycerin has many internal medical applications, such as ear drops, eye drops, suppositories and other things. It is also used in toothpaste, bath and body products, and in foods. A less pure version can be found on the cake decorating aisle of the grocery store, for use in cake icing. VG has mild antiseptic and preservative properties.

Liquid nicotine, when divorced from burning plant matter and dangerous additives, is a mild stimulant like caffeine, though it is more addictive than caffeine. Pharmaceutical nicotine has had positive applications in the treatment of cognitive diseases of old age, and in irritable bowel syndrome.

The flavorings are a question mark for many. What may be perfectly clean and safe to eat, perhaps shouldn’t be taken into the lungs. I’m willing to accept peoples’ concerns and vape unflavored when I’m around others.

When I began vaping it was the first step toward quitting cigarettes altogether, which I achieved about six weeks after my first vape, almost ten years ago. My lungs began to heal, including a chronic irritation I had on one side, and I stopped coughing, stopped having bronchitis all winter, stopped having it at all.

Are there any official surveys of how many people have stopped smoking by vaping? I really don’t know. In this country no medical or scientific entity is interested, at least not that I know of. Anecdotally I can tell you that I know a dozen people who quit cigarettes permanently by vaping. This forum will show you hundreds of people talking about the miracle that saved their lives, which is vaping.

I do not believe I would ever have stopped smoking, had it not been for my good friends who clued me into vaping, a married couple who were celebrating their first anniversary of being completely free from cigarettes.

My dad and one of my uncles died from emphysema. I was following them into the graveyard by smoking just like they did, because the demon tobacco has a powerful hold on its victims.

I don’t have all the answers, but I hope this gets you started. More info is available if you want it, from hundreds of users commenting in this thread, from videos you can watch on YouTube, and in other sources. More info if you want it, but you shouldn’t be surprised if members of this forum suspect you of being a troll, out to get someone to say the wrong thing and get this valuable site shut down.

As they say, GFL.

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