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DIY Concentrated Flavors for sale closing business 30ml $3 each | Vaping Underground Forums

Thank you for that information. Quite a few shops closing up here and now if this Build Back Better Bill passes a friggin 60ml/6nic bottle of juice will go from $20/$25 to $45/47! I’m dying up here with this crap, so began ordering from online and even now those are being restricted in terms of shipping up here so DIY is becoming my only option. Can’t find the very first juice, Tigers Blood anywhere and now since my mom n pop shop is no longer making their juices my absolute live off of is no longer and that one consisted of Raspberry, Dragonfruit, strawberry, and I HONEY which I believe is what made it so flavorful but not sweet and the color was a beautiful very light goldish/tannish tint! Have you heard of anything like this I could maybe replace of my favorite?!


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